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Congregation Ohr Torah

Welcome to Congregation Ohr Torah


Ohr Torah Governing Board Elections

The Congregation Ohr Torah Governing Board election will take place at a Membership Meeting to be held on Sunday, December 24 from 8:30am to 10am. Under the Ohr Torah Constitution, only 'members in good standing' (i.e. full members who have no outstanding balance as of December 31, 2016) may vote. A 'member in good standing' may vote if in attendance at the membership meeting on December 24. A spouse in attendance at the meeting may vote by proxy for his/her spouse if the voting spouse has authorization in writing to do so. In addition, absentee ballots may be submitted in advance of the meeting. Please click here to obtain a ballot. All absentee ballots must be placed in a sealed envelope with the outside of the envelope signed by the voting member and dropped in the Ohr Torah mailbox by 8am on December 24th.
If you have any questions regarding the procedure for the elections, please speak to Harvey Atlas or Jeffrey Klein.


The Retiree Lunch and Learn

Retiree Lunch and Learn and Peace of Mind


      ON THE MAP

(Peace of Mind helps Israeli  combat veterans transition to civilian life. )

Date:Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Time: Noon

Location: Congregation Ohr Torah, 48 Edgemount Rd, Edison

There's no surer ingredient for a feel-good documentary than an inspirational sports story, and filmmaker Dani Menkin delivers one in spades with his recounting of the 1979 European Cup victory by the national Israeli basketball team.

As reviewed:  Suspenseful, inspirational, heartfelt and, ultimately, uplifting. It will make you stand up and cheer! A slam dunk!

The program  is open to all retirees in the community and will be a wonderful opportunity to socialize with each other in a meaningful way.  Please tell your friends and plan to attend.There will be a charge of $10 per person to help defray the cost of the meal. Pre-Chanukah food! Come hungry!
RSVP  Bella or 732 317-1786,
Mildred 732 572-1712, or Marcia 732 572-5998


Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience at Ohr Torah
Be A Part of It!
In memory of Joel Adler, a'h

Congregation Ohr Torah has embarked on an all-important initiative, 'Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience', in memory of our esteemed and beloved gabbai, member, and friend, Joel Adler, a'h.
Please click here to download the letter that introduces this initiative, including the intent, a call to action, and the benefits of your active participation. Our goal is 100% participation that creates a strong bond of achdus (unity) in our shul. Act now and commit to being counted among those who actively participate in this all-important initiative that will bring us closer to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and enhance the power of our tefillos.
Please click here to download the Bli Neder Commitment to 'Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience'. Either sign the paper form and return it to the shul or conveniently enter your name below, which acknowledges your Bli Neder Commitment that is enumerated in this form.
If you wish to become further involved in supporting this initiative, or have additional ideas, please speak with Shelley Schoenfeld or email:
Parshas Ki Savo describes that Hashem heard the voices/supplications of the Jewish people. May Hashem hear each of our voices as they ascend from the depths of our hearts to the heights of the shamayim (heavens), and may our efforts make our tefillos more effective and meaningful as well as bring nachas to every one of us and great simcha to our lives as we each do our part to grow closer to Hashem.

I, Full Name: have read and agree to the Bli Neder Commitment to 'Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience'.


Today is:

Monday, December 11, 2017    11:52 AM
23 Kislev 5778
Today's Daf Yomi is Shevuos 13
The Parsha this coming Shabbos is:
Mikkets Chanukah 4 Mevarchim Hachodesh

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Ohr Torah

48 Edgemount Road
Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732-777-6840
Fax: 732-777-6851

Rabbi: Rabbi Yaakov Luban
Asst. Rabbi: Rabbi Sariel Malitzky
President: Jeff Klein


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