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Congregation Ohr Torah

Shul Amud Davening Policy

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Shul Amud Davening Policy

In order for the gabbaim to properly prepare for the davening services for each Shabbos and to fairly and responsibly allocate kibbudim taking into account the many events that take place in our shul, they need to be notified sufficiently in advance of any requests to daven for the amud or read the haftorah. To that end, any member who would like to daven for the amud or read the haftorah in honor of a yahrtzeit or other occasion is requested to email the gabbaim at least a full week in advance of the occasion. The gabbaim will then check the schedule and confirm by email whether the requested kibbud is available.
Thank you for cooperation in this effort.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 June 2016 )