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Congregation Ohr Torah

Rabbi Luban

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abbi Yaakov Luban was educated at the Rabbi Dov Revel Yeshiva, the Mesivta of Crown Heights and the Talmudical Academy of Philadelphia. After High School he continued learning full time for fifteen years in yeshivos in Philadelphia, Yerushalayim, Lakewood and Pittsburgh. He received smicha from Rav Shneur Kotler, zt"l, in 1979.Rabbi Luban was hired in October 1982 by Congregation Ohr Torah. His duties as mora d'asra require hours of pastoral counseling, halachic research, teaching ongoing classes, and playing an active role in the Va'ad HaRabonim of Raritan Valley. He also serves as Executive Rabbinic Coordinator for the Orthodox Union, all the while publishing numerous articles for a variety of respected Torah Journals and popular Jewish magazines.

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